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Jester Heads to Dexcon 9!
Monday, 03 July 2006

Hey folks, DJ Jester here! I am so psyched about my little 'working vacation' to Dexcon 9. In case you havn't heard I've spent the last several days cleaning out from the flooding that occured here in the northeast. The flooding has left me unable to broadcast until further notice. However, the folks at Dexcon had been talking to me before all this about coming down to broadcast live from the con. So... if you've missed my shows here will be your chance to hear all the Jester you could possibly want!

I am working out the broadcast schedule as of yet but here's the skinny on the con itself:

Dexcon is located at the East Brunswick Hilton in East Brunswick, New Jersey and will begin on Wednesday, July 12, 2006.

With 900 scheduled events, they promise to have something for just about any gamer! LARP, Tabletop RPG, Minatures, as well as networked PC's for online / computer gaming and big screen tv's for console gaming will fill the convention rooms as gamers from all over the Northeast will join together for an amazing long weekend of sugar and fun.

Alex Jurkat from Eden Games will be running the City ofHeroesrole-playing game, and there will be tournaments forCoH’scollectible card game byAlderac.

The full schedule of events is posted atwww.dexposure.com/dexcon9.html, and a number of the games offer substantial prizes, including the $100Sudokutournament, the $250 Spades tournament and the $250 DDR tournament.

Sow00ters come out and meet me at Dexcon! I will be there from July 13 - July 16 and will be broadcasting live from the convention. Stay tuned for a full con broadcast schedule. This will be my one and only chance to broadcast live for quite some time and will be the first chance SINCE the June 25, Sunday Slam to get on air. I hope everyone will be listening as I plan to have all sorts of 'suprise' guests.

Double Exposure is offering w00ters a $10 discount when pre-registering for the full convention membership (Wednesday through Sunday), and a $5 discount off the weekend membership (Friday8pmthrough Sunday).Use code COH-10 or COH-5 respectively when pre-registering.

NCSoft Lays off 70 Employees
Friday, 23 June 2006

The following was announced on the City of Heroes forums by CuppaJo on 6/23:

NCsoft’s Austin business has announced an immediate restructuring within its organization that included the difficult task of reducing members of its workforce. The online games industry is one that is continually changing with the scaling up and down of business based on product launches and product development schedules.

Over the past two and a half years NCsoft has launched six major titles into the North American market and has grown with each title launch. As the company continues to grow its live products and prepares its next set of major online game releases for later in 2006 and 2007, the company sees a slowdown in its launch pattern and the need to streamline its business.

For this reason, NCsoft has reduced its 300 person workforce in Austin by approximately 70 people to accommodate this change. This decision has no impact on the schedules of any projects currently in development and service to NCsoft’s current games will continue without interruption

Issue 7 Live
Tuesday, 06 June 2006

City of Heroes / City of Villains has pushed its latest issue of free content, Issue 7 live today. Be prepared for a large patch when you enter the game next.

As with any major publish such as this, lag, bugs, and other issues can be expected for the next few weeks as the unexpected and previously undetected bugs of the issue surface. However the new features, new costumes, new missions, new archetypes, and new PvP zone will more than make up for the little annoyances that always come with big updates.

Be prepared, Recluses' Victory is now live, villains are now able to climb to greater hieghts and reach the high bar that is level 50.

On this most dark and heinous of days 6/6/6, the demon issue has been released. Embrace the evil and worship Recluse!

Update 1 Goes Live!
Tuesday, 20 June 2006

With a great anticipation, Auto Assault has launched its first Update since launch. Update 1 adds a whole host of new features and bug fixes as well as a ton of new content.

While not all of the features that had been hoped for (such as an Auction House and Mail system) have been implemented yet, the content included in this first patch is quite substantial.

Features that did not make this patch will be included in the next one. Also several new features such as the loot link are in their first stages of design. The loot link currently only works with people who are in the same zone as you. Eventually it will work anywhere on the server. The developers have deicded to make sure it works without issue zone by zone then expand its capability.

A quick features list follows, click the read more link for full patch notes.


    • ‘Über’ Missions– have a high-level character? Think you can take on the ultimate challenges of the Auto Assault world? Then sign up for Auto Assault’s ‘Über Missions’! Completion of these missions gives incredible rewards…but few will make it that far. Are you up for the challenge?
    • Faction Chat– Global chat for your entire race. No matter where you are, you’ll always be able to link into allies and friends for help requests or just talk smack about how you tore up Ground Zero today
    • Character Re-Spec– Feel like your character is just not cutting it with the skills and stats you spent hard-earned points on? The new Character Re-Spec ability will allow you to re-spend all your points and create the character you want
    • Mission Compare– Sometimes, we all need a little help with the harder aspects of post-apocalyptic life and sometimes we just want to roll deep with our buddies. Mission compare makes this easier – you’ll be able to instantly see what missions your friends have, enabling you decide which mission needs your combined attention
    • Loot Linking– You just found a chassis that makes you grin from ear to ear and you want to share the stats with your friends. With loot linking, all you need to do is shift-click on the item when in chat and your friends will see every detail. Also good when trading/selling items!

Frequently Asked Questions
Thursday, 07 July 2005

Tuning In:

How do I Listen?

  • Using most standard MP3 Players you can tune into w00t Radio by simply clicking on the listen link in the main menu or on the launch button on our 'On Air' Display on the front page of this website.

When I click to listen it asks me to download listen.pls, are you installing spyware?

  • No. The Listen.pls is the file used to stream our music to you. It is a temporary file and is harmless. In fact if you are being asked to download it, this means your computer is not familiar with this file type and you probably do not have an appropriate MP3 player installed.

What MP3 Players can I use?

  • Just about any of them. We recommend Winamp. Itunes, Windows Media Player, Music Match Jukebox and many others will work. (Please Note, REAL PLAYER will NOT work. The folks at Real Networks don't seem to like many streaming media files that are not created and proprietary to their own player)

I have Windows Media Player or Winamp installed, why is it still asking me to download the listen.pls file?

  • This could be b/c a program such as Real Player has changed the default MP3 player settings (Real Player especially does this). Many MP3 players like to try and dominate your PC's media playing by forcing the default player to become their own. Most MP3 players will allow you to easily change this either by installing another MP3 player or changing the configuration options in another player already installed. Players like Real Player however, will constantly change those configuration options back to its own player.

If you are still having troubles getting the file to play and have Windows Media Player try this:

  • Open Windows media player
  • Type Ctrl-U to open the "Play URL" window
  • Typehttp://www.w00tradio.net/listen.asxinto the "Play URL" window
  • Click Open

This should tune you into w00t Radio.

How do I request a song?

There are several ways of doing this:

  • You can contact the DJ in-game. Listen to the broadcast and the DJ's will announce their character name and what game they are hanging out in.
  • You can contact the DJ via X-Fire. X-Fire is a gaming Instant Messenger that is spyware free and a small quick download (atwww.xfire.com). Then listen to the broadcast for the DJ to mention what his/her user name is and send an instant message.
  • You can head over to our website chatroom! Once you've logged into the w00t Radio website you'll see a link in the menu for w00t Chat. Simply click that link and say hi!Please remember that its possible your request could be missed as the DJ swaps back and forth between many windows during a broadcast, don't be offended or upset if they do. Simply wait a while and request it again. Also it is important to note, if you spam the chat your request will be ignored, its all about the manners folks!
  • Other: Each DJ may be on other instant messengers or be able to be contacted in various ways. All of our DJ's will always make sure to announce how to make requests, just stay tuned.

Why are you making me download all this software to listen to your station, shouldn't it just work with what ever I have?

  • In a perfect world that would be the case, however we only have so much available to us to work with and can only manage so many programs at one time during a broadcast. So we've made the decision to limit the means of contacting us to the programs mentioned above. In addition to thatWinampandX-Fireare GREAT programs that have no spyware and are small, quick installs. We would recommend them to anyone, even our own mothers and we like our mothers..

Why did you ask for my e-mail address when I created my log in?

  • Have no fear! Your e-mail address is safe with us. We do NOT sell any information to anyone, nor do we give it away. We use it for security purposes only. On a rare occasion we may send out a bulk e-mailing to let you know of some huge contest we're cooking up, but we can guarantee that this would only occur once every few months. We hate spam more than spyware and would rather see you reading it on the website then pushing our junk in yer box!

Do I have to create a log in on your site to listen?

  • Absolutly not! However to participate in our chat room and forums we have to know who ya are and that means making a login! Its harmless, quick and some people may think its fun!

The Fight Against Spam #1
Written by:Jester Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welcome to a new recurring feature here at w00t Studios, The Fight Against Spam. The problem of spam in-game is one that is a constant struggle for players and game companies. Nearly every MMORPG of any size has been a target of this menace.

Where does spam come from in a game? One place: Gold Farmers. The "real money trade" (RMT) industry has sprung up and become big business over the past few years. For those not familiar with this concept, RMT companies setup massive pc farms where people are paid pitiful amounts of cash in 3rd world nations to make money in games as quickly as possible, then sell that money in exchange for real world dollars. The same thing is done with in-game items and some sell 'levelling' services where you give them access to your account and they level your character for you.

Many gamers find this distasteful, yet many others still participate and make this a very lucrative business. The side effects from the RMT Industry is in-game spam. E-mails and random tells soliciting players to use these services bombard players randomly on servers across countless games. FromWord of WarcrafttoLord of the Rings Onlineand recently even games likeCity of Heroeswhere the economy in game barely even exists.

The spam and general practices of RMT are so bad that its begun to eat up serious developer resources combating the practice.

The purpose of this series of articles is to focus on the efforts of various games to prevent or at least hinder the RMT industry in various games.

This time around we'll focus onCity of Heroes / Villains. This is a game that never had an economy to speak of until its Issue 9 implemented the Inventions System. The Inventions System introduced crafting, loot, and a use for the large amounts of influence and infamy collected by the Heroes and Villains of the game.

Soon after Issue 9's launch, the RMT industry descended upon theCity of Heroesuniverse. Spam tells began coming steadily hitting players at random on the more populated servers on a nightly basis. Ignore one character and another one would simply take up its place a short time later with a name made of gibberish.

Now, nearly a year later theCity of Heroesdevelopment team has taken a few steps to hinder these spammers in game. Several months ago they implemented an /ignore_spammer command. This command allowed players to ignore and report a spammer to the GM's with one stroke. After several reports of the same character / account the account would be banned.

Since the implementation of the ignore_spammer command the number of random tells in game have decreased. The amount of in-game mail has increased as players tend to delete and not report the names of the spammers.

On January 21, 2008 the developers have taken their next step, they've limited the in-game mail system's access to characters who are level 12 and higher. Forcing characters to advance to level twelve would take several hours worth of play and at the very least would slow a spammer from recreating accounts after being banned.

How much will this reduce the spam received by players in game? Its hard to say. We'll update this story once we have seen this in action for a few weeks. The ignore_spammer command did nothing to slow the spammers sending messages, it did make reporting them easier which leads to more bannings of their accounts.

Will the change to the in-game mail system inconvenience players? Only minimally, the players ofCity of Heroesuse the mail system fairly in frequently. The in game mail system inCity of Heroesdoes not allow attachment of items, does not send messages to global chat handles, only particular characters so there is no cross server mail. As such it is usually used for offline messages or during player run events so those organizing the events can keep track of messages without them being lost in the scroll of live chat. Both of these usages are practiced primarily by characters of higher levels.

The limitations of the mail system are also going to help make the level 12 limit that much more effective against spammers as they will have to create a level 12 character on each server to send out their spam.

We give NCSoft and its development team a good deal of credit in the fight against spam, they've taken minimal steps in-game to inconvenience players and numerous steps behind the scenes to ban ip addresses, account payment methods (ie. credit cards used by spammers), to prevent the spammers from creating accounts in the first place.